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The History of Sky Lake: Relationship with
Martin Marietta and the Pine Castle Air Base

Jane Tracy, with the Orlando Memories program at the
Orange County Public Library, is researching oral histories for
incorporation into this forthcoming volume. In collaboration
with the UCF history department, we will be archiving our
large collection of documents related to Sky Lake's history.

Mary Ball Washington's Pine Castle Connections
by Christine Woods

Tells of the connections between George Washington's
mother and our Pine Castle pioneers. Presently being
prepared for publication.

Life Around the Lakes
A full-size history map of the Conway lakes,
including old photographs and stories

Work is well underway on this project, but we still need your
photos and stories about life around the Conway lakes. We
especially need photos of famous groves, packing plants,
farming, dairy farms, fish camps, local weekend retreats, first
homes and stores, first schools, first churches, swimming,
boating, fishing, skiing, and more!

Please email us at if you have
pictures, stories, or information that could be included in one of
our future publications. We'd love to hear from you!
Our mission at the Pine Castle Historical Society is to preserve  
the history of Greater Pine Castle - Belle Isle, Conway,  
Edgewood and Pine Castle - as well as South Orange County.   
We believe this is best accomplished through the publication  
of local history books and documents.





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Francis Wayles Eppes, Favorite Son

Tells the life of Francis Wayles Eppes, the
favorite grandson of President Thomas
Jefferson. Eppes was related by marriage
to Will Wallace Harney and it is possible
that the hexangle design of the main
room of the original Pine Castle was
influenced by the design of Monticello,
the home of Thomas Jefferson.
Dateline: Pine Castle, Stories of Orange
County, 1870-1890, as reported by Will
Wallace Harney
by Dr. Paul W. Wehr

Crackers vs. tycoons, cowmen vs.
lawmen, locals vs. carpetbaggers,
Barbers vs. Mizels - not to mention
mosquitos, snakes, alligators, and tigers!
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Pine Castle History Center

Tells the significant history of Greater
Pine Castle and explains why it is so
important to develop a history center to
memorialize the rural folks who made the
development of Orlando and Orange
County possible.

Pine Castle Quarterly
There's so much going on in "Greater
Pine Castle" these days that it can be
tough to keep up. Subscribe to the Pine
Castle Quarterly to learn about
community history and local events!

Learn about our pioneer period from a newspaper man who
lived it. Will Wallace Harney was one of the most important
promoters of Pine Castle and Orange County, helping to
populate it in spite of the many dangers and discomforts.
They said this book could never be written, since all county
records were destroyed in the courthouse fire of 1868, but this
history was carefully gathered by Dr. Wehr and is now
available for all to read!
From Mosquito to Orange:
The Making of a County
by Dr. Paul W. Wehr

This amazing volume tells the story of
Orange (formerly Mosquito) County from
1820 through 1892.
We need your
help to Save the Crawford House and build a new Pine Castle
History Center!